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Some big news regarding the creator of this blog

(((Hello, it’s me again, Danny. Just wanted to drop by and say that this blog will be put off indefinitely, I haven’t had the time to put much effort into it, I’m considering giving it. But what’s the real big news? It’s not a certainty, but I just found out that it is a very high possibility that I will be deploying from October to June to serve with the 2/5 Marines. 
Why’s that? I’ve said before that I’m a Navy Hospital Corpsman, and a part of our jobs is to go into combat with the Marines to serve as their frontline medics, and as such it’s about time that it’s my turn to do this. 
I’ll be fine.

EDIT: Yup, confirmed. I will deploying.

What’s up?

(((I know I haven’t posted here in a while, that’s cause me, the guy behind this fan thingy, is currently in Spain. What am I doing in Spain? Well you see, I’m in the Navy, as a Hospital Corpsman, and I’ve been assigned here to Naval Hospital Rota, Spain as my duty station. I’m gonna be here for the next 2 years. Other than that, just busy living life. Not sure what to post next using this blog, I need y’all to help out with that. Anywho, follow me at for some personal stuff, like photos of me going through training, cool stuff. Ha ha.)))

Final (?) Post

Just checking back in for a bit. This week is going to be very hectic. I hope you’re all ready?

Anyone wanna recommend some good “End of the World” music? Doesn’t really hafta be about the end of the world…

For example:

The Animus has a built in browser, so I can check stuff out while I’m having to sit through the really boring parts of my ancestors life… 


Well, looks like I need to go turn off Anon inboxing now, you guys abused it, now see what you have done?? YOU’RE TEARING US APART.